Shuttle introduces its new Recycling Program

Help keep our environment clean, and avoid adding e-waste to landfills. By recycling we are protecting our environment from harmful chemicals and at the same time we can make new products from the compounds used in those hardware electronics.

Shuttle offers a recycling program to properly dispose your old Shuttle computer. Please follow the steps below to get information on the recycling program offered to your state.

Recently Legislation passed by many states requires that by law, manufactures are to provide a convenient take back program or a collection option. Your state may have a specific recycling legislation that offers a collection site or a proper take back program. Please click on your state below to get information on what steps you need to follow to recycle your computer.

  • MD
  • MO
  • TX
  • WA
  • WI
  • WV
Shuttle is happy to provide a solution to recycle your old computer in a responsible manner in our effort to help the environment. Shuttle is not responsible for any confidential data left on the computer, by law it is your responsibility.




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