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Shuttle has provided the right PC solution to countless home automation and multi-room clients all over the world. Our high-level of service, rock-solid yet stylish products, and proven process have made us the premier do-it-yourself (DIY) home automation PC manufacturer. So let Shuttle show you what real home automation is like and let us help you create the right solution for your next project.


“After some very thorough evaluation and testing, we decided to go with Shuttle because their solution met not only our specification requirements, but most importantly, our quality requirements – all at a very reasonable price point. A solution like this is what we’ve been looking for – for years – and we are glad to finally find one with the right combination of specifications and functionality in a unique and stylish design.

The selection of components and platform itself has us very satisfied. But what really stood out is the level of service from the technical and sales teams that has been above and beyond what we expected from a top manufacturer where there must be many other customers competing for their time. We look forward to continuing the relationship with Shuttle and building new solutions with whatever products they release in the future.”

Isaac Shturman

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