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What makes Shuttle PCs great for government deployment?

Shuttle PCs feature a cube form factor that delicately balances performance, functionality, and upgradeability, and manages to consistently be the first to incorporate the fastest, latest, new technology in its PCs (most recently, the Intel Core i7) – a feat that makes the Shuttle PC a pint-sized powerhouse. It’s also light in weight, making it very portable for a desktop PC. As an ultra-portable, pint-sized powerhouse, the Shuttle PC is a computer that’s precisely government-grade.

Not only are Shuttle PCs small and powerful, but it’s built with premium-grade materials that are also ideal for military-grade uses. The chassis or case, for example, is made entirely out of aluminum and the advantages are many. Aluminum alloys are harder and stronger than steel, with the best strength-to-weight ratio of any metal. What this means is the Shuttle PC is ultra-durable and will not warp or twist out of shape – it’s made to withstand extreme pressure.

Just as importantly, Shuttle PCs feature custom cooling solutions – I.C.E. Cooling Technology and OASIS Cooling Technology – that are unique to the Shuttle. Cooling technology designed specifically for the PC brings several benefits for government and military deployments. It’s a heat-combating solution that keeps the system as cool and as quiet as possible – even when equipped with the most extreme performance desktop components inside.


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