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Kick up your marketing another notch. Digital signs allow content to be as ever-changing as your business requires. Messages can be changed in “real time” and ad space is virtually unlimited.

Using Shuttle products to create Digital Signage solutions has never been easier – turn your store front window, office lobby, or even conference room into a dynamic showcase of your products, services, promotions, and other messages.


MedialinkTV“Our approach to technology is predicated on the ease-of-use and the enhancement of the overall customer experience with a friendly, yet powerful hardware interface that can be implemented worldwide. Shuttle continues to provide our firm with the most comprehensive and easily deployable solution for MediaLink. Its solid architecture, great flexibility, exceptional support, and global presence were key elements when making the decision of which firm to utilize for our global MediaLink solutions. In addition, our Shuttle K48 units are compact in size, quiet, energy efficient, require little to no maintenance, and have proven to be very cost-effective. The Shuttle K48 is truly plug and play when used as a MediaLink set-top box. It has far exceeded our expectations and therefore we will most likely continue to rely on Shuttle for all our existing and future solutions.”

- MediaLink

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