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Home & Office Workstation Performance Special Solutions
Shuttle has a range of home and office computing solutions to complement today’s digital lifestyle. From simple Internet PCs to digital home entertainment solutions, there’s a Shuttle to suit every environment – from your office to living room.
Shuttle PCs give you the ability to create with all the force you can handle. It’s flexible – ready for the most extreme processors that allow you to do more, faster. And, it provides the security for your most critical projects – so you get greater peace of mind.
Shuttle performance PCs take extreme gaming to a whole new level. With everything from next-generation processors and graphics technology to extreme cooling solutions inside, the Shuttle is a pint-sized powerhouse that’s truly top-of-the-line.
Shuttle is unmatched when it comes to packing all the performance of a full-sized desktop into a compact size. It’s built with premium-grade materials and features custom-designed cooling, for ultimate reliability and durability – a solution that can go beyond typical PC usages. Learn More
Animation & Graphics Animation and Graphics
Shuttle takes the leading computer-aided design (CAD), digital content creation (DCC), and visualization applications to a new level of interactivity. Learn More
Automotive Automotive
Imagine an onboard computer that could control everything inside your car – entirely by voice commands. Mad Mike of MTV’s “Pimp My Ride” has created just that – out of a Shuttle PC. Learn More
Digital Signage Digital Signage
Turn your store window, office lobby, or even conference room into a dynamic showcase of your products, services, promotions with Shuttle Digital Signage solutions.
Learn More
Education Education
Imagine a digital video globe that helps tell stories about our world in a compelling way, one that grabs people’s attention and sparks their imagination. Now there is one, and it’s powered by Shuttle PCs. Learn More
Home Automation Home Automation
Countless home automation and multi-room clients all over the world have chosen Shuttle – it’s the ultimate DIY home automation PC solution. Learn More
Grovenment Government
Shuttle PCs are built with the power, durability – and above all – reliability that meet the demands of the world’s toughest customer, and is precisely government-grade. Learn More
Presentation Presentation/Broadcasting
Creating a small performance PC that can capture and broadcast high-quality, optimized content from multiple sources in a small PC enclosure is now easy, thanks to Shuttle. Learn More
Retail/POS Retail/POS
With plenty of ports and a power supply that solves the #1 reason for failure, hear the story on how Shuttle PCs provide the perfect solution for POS applications for our retail customer. Learn More
TV/Film TV/ Film
Find out how it’s all done as professionals take you behind-the-scenes, and show you exclusive footage on the making of animation for Battlestar Galactica, using a Shuttle PC. Learn More


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